Facebook Saved A Guy From Going To Jail

I used to think that the Social Media platforms are nothing but the waste of time. I firmly believed that we should keep our teens away from such platforms as it diverts them from their study. I used to think like this because I had seen a few students who failed their exams just because they used to kill their time on Social Media. But one day my thought changed entirely. Now I believe that the Social Media is an efficient platform for personal use. Also, it is a fantastic platform for the Businesses that is why they Buy real Instagram Followers, etc.

The story of 19 years old Harlem:

I have mentioned above that I was never into the Social Media before. But with the passage of time, my thinking changed. Now I firmly believe that the Social Media is a fantastic platform if appropriately used. It is the platform where we can share information and stay connected with the friends as well. If we want to keep in touch with our favorite celebrity, then Social Media is the best place.

Many people like me think that the Social Media has only cons. Let’s take a look at the story of a 19 years old boy named Harlem who used to live in Bradford. In the year 2009 police arrested him on the suspicion that he has done the robbery. The boy claimed that he had not done anything illegal. The boy said that he was at his father’s home at the time of the theft.

Status as evidence:

The defense lawyer of 19 years old boy submitted his Facebook status as evidence in the court. You may wonder that how can be the Facebook status an Alibi. But his defense lawyer proved that at the time of the robbery the boy uploaded a status from his father’s home. In this way, he was saved from going to jail. In fact, no one could think that the Social Media can help someone in this way.

The court verified the time on which he updated the status and later finding the boy innocent they released him.

What did a lawyer say?

A lawyer and expert in the Social Media matters said that it was the first case he saw in which the Social Media status was presented as evidence. He said we would see more such cases because the use of Social Media is increasing day by day.

When I read about this case, then I thought the Social Media is not useless platforms. It is a useful platform where we can meet professionals too. We can make new friends and build the stronger Business relations. To boost your Business, you can Buy Instagram Followers, and Facebook likes, etc. But the use of Social Media must be positive because there are many scammers in the Social Media world as well. Teach your teens to use Social Media positively and reap its benefits. Make them aware of the cyber laws as well.