5 Surprising Effects of Red Tea Detox Ingredients

Rooibos is not only a delicious tea but a very healthy beverage.

South Africans have drunk it for many years and now it’s gained popularity around the world.

It comes across as the perfect alternative to other types of beverages like the green tea, but this drink is caffeine-free.

Not only is it flavorful but it is truly beneficial.

Experts have assumed that Rooibos tea can help with strokes, cancer and heart disease.

Are all those claims true? Here’s a list of the 5 health benefits of the red tea detox ingredients.

  1. Provides other health properties that black and green tea don’t have

It is well-known that green and black teas contain caffeine.

Caffeine is not bad for health if consumed sparingly.

Unfortunately, people consume a lot of it which leads them to have heart palpitations and sleep problems.

Unlike green and black tea, red tea Detox doesn’t have caffeine. That makes it ideal for people with sleeping pattern issues.

Other than that, it is low in tannins, and it’s another factor that differentiates red tea from its counterparts. High consumption of tannins can cause the body to have problems absorbing nutrients like iron.

Additionally, there’s no oxalic acid in it. Oxalic acid is associated to kidney stones.

  1. It comes with lots of antioxidants

The other benefit is that the red tea Detox is packed with antioxidants.

This is actually one of the strongest reasons why red tea has become popular now. It contains quercetin and aspalathin.

These antioxidants destroy the free-radicals preventing them from growing in number.

Free-radicals can bring on health issues such as cancer and heart disease.

Evidently, drinking red tea regularly increases antioxidant levels, but not too much though.

  1. Drinking Rooibos reduces the risk of heart disease

Again, antioxidants play an important role here. Experts have related them to a healthier heart.

The ingredients can act in different ways.

The tea per se has a positive effect on blood pressure and inhibits an enzyme called ACE.

ACE is an enzyme that contracts body vessels impacting blood pressure some way.

A study showed that ACE inhibition occurs 30 minutes after drinking this beverage. Sadly, changes in blood pressure were not that significant.

Additonally, Rooibos also reduces bad cholesterol in blood.

  1. Red tea reduces cancer risk

Quercetain and Luteolin are the antioxidants found in the red tea Detox. They reportedly have the power to kill cancer cells, a study says.

However, the antioxidant proportion in a cup of tea is too little to be really helpful.

Studies haven’t shown if the body is able to completely absorb these antioxidants.

  1. It benefits type-2 diabetes sufferers

Red tea Detox is popular for its high content of aspalathin. According to a research, this compound can help with type 2 diabetes.

Studies suggest that aspalathin evens out glucose levels in blood and improves insulin resistance. This could benefit people with diabetes or those on the brink of developing it.

  1. Treats colic

This tea is ideal for children with frequent stomach pain. Use sweetened milk to improve its flavor. This is actually the first use people gave to red tea. Its antioxidants have an anti-inflammatory effect on the body, soothing colic and stomach pain.