7 tips to renovate your house with little money

Do you want to give a new environment to your home but don’t have a big budget? We tell you how you can renovate your house with small and cheap changes.

It is normal that after a long time your mind asks you for a change of air in your home and you feel like wanting to make it look like a totally different place. Do not let the budget stop you from doing it, follow these tips and manage to make a radical change in your house with simple modifications and without requiring much money.

How to renovate my house with little money?

  • Perform a deep clean
  • Pinta
  • Change the distribution
  • Use wallpaper
  • Recycle furniture
  • Change curtains
  • Decorate with plants

Perform a deep clean

To renovate a house at Blue world city Islamabad you have to start with the basics, cleaning thoroughly. With this we mean not only to carry out the general and habitual cleaning of your house, but to remove everything that you do not need and that only takes away space, as well as the rearrangement of your things. A change as simple as this one will make a big difference in your home, it will look clearer, more spacious, tidy and more clearly. And best of all, you don’t need any money for this.


Changing the color of the walls is what has the most impact on home renovation and something that does not require a fortune. You do not need to paint the entire house if you do not want to, just paint a single wall to give a totally different look to your house.

You can also paint doors, furniture, window frames or anything else you think needs a different touch in a different color. Just by changing the color of your kitchen shelves you will achieve a total renovation in it.

Change the distribution

Another free way to make your space look different is to simply relocate your furniture. Once you have painted your wall and / or your furniture, try to play with the arrangement of these. Also redistribute your decorations and make it look like a totally different home with the same furniture and objects.

Use wallpaper

As we mentioned, changing the appearance of a single wall by Blue Group of Companies makes a big impact. For this, in addition to using paint, you can use some patterned wall paper and give a more modern touch to your home. This, in addition to being economical, is easy to install and will give a new look to your space.

Recycle furniture

If you have old furniture that you no longer like, think about renovating it and giving it a second chance. Just painting them in different colors can give the effect of being a completely new piece of furniture. Try to use and transform what you already have instead of spending on buying new things.

Change curtains

Believe it or not, curtains have a great effect on the atmosphere of your home, and it is on these that home lighting also depends. You can change your curtains, either buying new ones or using others that you already have, and with this achieve a different and renewed appearance. Remember that it is recommended that you use curtains of light fabrics to allow the passage of light and achieve an effect of amplitude.

Decorate with plants

Using plants in home decoration will always be a good option to give it a fresh and happy touch. Decorating with plants is the cheapest and what will bring more life to your space. If you don’t have plants in your decoration, adding them is a very good idea to renovate your home.


As you can see, it doesn’t take a lot of money to make big changes in your home, you just want and creativity to do it. You can also use DIY to renovate your house with little money!

Now that you know how to renovate your house with little money, follow these tips and manage to give a new look and breathe to your space.