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What are the clauses of the contract of sale of a house?

The property sales contract is one of the most important that you are going to sign. Here we tell you the clauses that you must include.

The clauses of a property sales contract can be confusing and difficult to read, but this does not mean that you must accept everything they say without reading them.

Below we share the most important information that your contract must contain so that, when it is your turn to sign, you can read it with a previous idea and thus avoid future problems.

What should the contract of sale of my house include?

  • Buyer and seller details
  • Property details
  • Sale price and payment method
  • Property delivery date
  • Penalties

Buyer and seller details

The first thing that the property purchase contract must carry are the full names and address of those involved in the transaction. Generally they will be yours and the seller’s.

Likewise, the seller must provide all the information to verify the legality of the property title and demonstrate its ability to make the sale.

These data will be very useful in case there is a problem in the future.

Property details

The characteristics of the property you are acquiring must be described (the registration number, the exact location, the square meters of the land, the square meters of construction, etc.).

In the same way, the commercial value of the home will have to be specified and, in case the seller knows and has informed you that the property has a lien, its existence and the date on which it will be canceled must be indicated.

The seller must also state that they provided you with all the corresponding information and documentation on the house; and confirm that the property was built with the appropriate materials and has the correct installation of services.

Sale price of the property

The exact amount that you agreed with the seller to acquire the property in Property news must be established, as well as the date and manner in which the payment was made or will be made, whether it is in cash or by electronic transfer, and through one or more payments.

Property delivery date

By the time the purchase agreement is signed, the property already belongs to you legally. However, the delivery date may be later than the signature date and therefore it must also be indicated.

A post-signature delivery date may be due to maintenance, repair, or because the home is still under construction.


The taxes to be paid must be stipulated, whether for rent or for the acquisition of a property, as well as the cost for deed fees.


The way in which both the buyer and the seller can be penalized for any breach of the clauses established in the sale contract.

An example of these breaches may be that the seller does not deliver the property to you on the date established in the contract or, in your case, that you do not comply with the agreed payments.

Remember that when you sign the contract you while buying property in park view city islamabad will be giving your approval of everything stipulated. That is why it is important that you understand and agree with everything that is established in it. If you have any questions, ask your notary or real estate adviser.

We recommend that after acquiring your property, you register it with the Public Registry of Property and Commerce. Find out why it is important and how to do it here .


Real Estate Marketing: what it is and how it works

The boom in the market for the sale and rental of real estate has increased competitiveness among different real estate agencies, especially those that carry out their activity through the internet. That is why real estate marketing is gaining increasing importance, as it can be a great strategy to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Real estate marketing can be defined as the process of creating strategies and projects to promote a product with a previous market analysis. In this case by product we refer to real estate: house, offices, plots etc.

The main basis is to search for properties and find people who are interested in buying or renting them. Although the concepts of real estate marketing and real estate sales seem similar, their difference is that marketing consists of actions that make it possible for professionals to find clients or investors, and encourage sales . On the other hand, the sale only includes those interested in buying and in a real estate commission for it.

How real estate marketing works

Now most of the real estate sector  property for sale in islamabad moves through the internet , and that makes digital marketing so important when it comes to attracting the most potential clients.

This makes it vital that the expert knows first-hand the real estate market situation and how all the agents involved in it behave. Only in this way can the marketing strategy be really effective and accurate.

Preparation of the plan

It is necessary to carry out a real estate marketing plan or a roadmap that allows to mark the objectives that are intended to be achieved and what actions will be carried out to achieve them.

In order to develop an efficient real estate marketing plan for example  plan for Capital Smart city. It is necessary to follow a series of steps:

  1. Study the market . Know the competition and know how we differentiate from it.
  2. Mark some objectives and define the strategies to be followed at the product, price, distribution or promotion level.
  3. Perform a check and evaluation to see if results are being obtained or if on the contrary we have deviated from the initial plan. It is also necessary to keep track of the economic estimates of both costs and revenues.

Digital marketing strategies for real estate

As in the vast majority of economic sectors, real estate agencies must also adapt their communication channel to the new techniques offered by the digital world . Since this way they will be opening up to a greater number of clients or investors.

This can be enhanced through different strategies:

Inbound Marketing

Content real estate marketing or inbound marketing consists of generating texts on those topics that may interest the target audience and potential customers . It can be through a blog, videos on YouTube or with photographic material.

With this strategy, the aim is to improve visibility in search engines such as Google . For this, SEO positioning is used , which allows a company’s website to appear in the top positions of searches that are not ads or are free.

Although it can also be developed through SEM positioning which allows to appear in the first results, but paying . With Google Adwords you can buy advertising campaigns for real estate, or an ad is inserted.

Social Network Marketing

Social networks are also used to carry out this type of strategy, so that a direct and reliable relationship with the target audience is established .

Email Marketing

This strategy is based on sending a newsletter , or what is traditionally known as a newsletter, through email. In this way, customers are informed at all times of developments that may arise , such as a new offer of properties, or availability in certain areas, etc.

Real Estate Branding

Real estate branding is a marketing strategy that is executed after sales, that is, at the moment in which the real estate agency has managed to find out what its customers’ needs are and how to cover them, it is time to improve sales and give a greater prestige to the brand as a real estate agency.

One of the most important points in this process is the corporate image, since it will allow to differentiate from the competition in a quick and visual way. A good design can allow the client to identify faster the real estate agency with which he is dealing.

To carry out a good branding process, it is necessary to know what customers think about the brand , what Bahria town Karachi clients thing of it. To know how it can be improved and if it is necessary to make a specialization in some type of product such as office rental or the sale of parking spaces.


Park View City Islamabad Location

Sky Marketing is your primary licensed dealer for Park View City at Islamabad. We deals in all sort of properties in Park View City at Islamabad. We’re working out of the day with Park View City and also have many customers with us for Park View City Plots.

Overseas Block Park View City

Launching of 5 Marla and 10 Marla residential plots especially for “Overseas Pakistanis” and for many Pakistani who live in Pakistan and all around the world. Plot costs are fair and also in consonance with the prevailing market costs of the region, whilst payment program is very elastic.

Bookings are available today, therefore Overseas Pakistanis and individuals are Residing in Pakistan can now catch this profitable option in one of the most exquisite housing approaches in Islamabad. Park View City is a valid home scheme possessed by Vision Group. It’s received NOC out of CDA, as well as the direct path street from Jinnah Avenue was assembled. This fresh Overseas Block is intended near Jinnah Avenue, so it will become a valuable investment choice for investors & home-seekers alike.

Block Details:

Park View City was moving through significant developments for the previous two decades or so. Initial cubes are completely developed where structures are moving on, while staying blocks are under accelerated improvement. Old reserving documents are balloted, and fresh blocks, i.e. H & J, are included from the master program where development work is currently in progress.

This inner Block is intended along H Block, therefore it will besides direct and easier strategy, this exclusive block will have greatest growth standards keeping in view the requirements of Overseas Pakistanis.

Plot Details:

Overseas Block now offers only 5 Marla and 10 Marla Residential plots on 3 years installation plan. Bookings start from only 20 percent down payment, while remaining sum is payable in 12 equal quarterly payments.

Payment Details:


  • Payment Ought to Be made via P.O/ / D.D/Cross Cheque in favor
  • 10% additional amount will be billed on each class stinks plots.
  • Postdated cheques against all installations will be taken in advance.


Park View City Overseas Block is among the ideal investment possibilities out there in Islamabad today, therefore it is suggested to book your plot within this stunning scheme for your upcoming residence.

Wireless internet is available in the full society free of charge. The development in the society has accelerated in the past few decades, and Park City is now among the most affluent and lively resort towns in Pakistan.

With so many choices out there in Islamabad now, thus it is strongly recommended to reserve your plot in Park View City within this gorgeous block for your future home.

Capital Smart city Islamabad 2020

It’s one of the few housing improvements in the twin cities that interest investors. The job is in its own pre-launch stage, and its official release is expected to occur shortly. In this aspect, the date declared was September 26, 2018, but because of impending decisions on some fascinating details in the last phases, the date was extended.


Should you would like to seek out the whole details so far shown by Habib Rafiq (Pvt) Ltd, the job developer, you may go to our website containing all of the info on Capital Smart City. For the latest on the endeavor, keep reading!


Market upgrade of capital smart city


The programmer has stopped new reservations before the project’s official launch. This also signals that the timing is possibly close. At the Capital Smart City plot records are now being traded in the secondary sector. The brokers registered with the society and people working within this portion of the town are closely observing market trends to be able to evaluate the society’s true potential from the background of a significant improvement. Some also think that land prices are poised to grow with the associated statement.


Buying tendencies in capital smart city


The requirement for specific plot dimensions has been higher because the initiation of the job is thought to be getting nearer. And this is nearly always accurate for smaller plots at almost any home society. The exact same is observed here, since the stock for 5-marla and 7-marla plots was marketed while a restricted variety of 12-marla plots are all accessible with the programmer. Bookings for them, together with the staying 1-kanal and 2-kanal residential plots, will soon be opened following the society is official established, which is expected at November 2018.


 Capital smart city Expected response


Agents registered with Capital Smart City are optimistic in the weeks following the society’s official release, the stock given by the programmer is going to probably be sold outside. Their expectations have been based on the present market trends and on the details which are shortly to be shared through mainstream advertising media. In the aftermath of anticipated major statements, the premiums on smaller plots will also be inching up. Agents also anticipate the brand new bookings declared in the official launch will likely be at greater prices. This is predicted to further purify the premium Capital Smart City plots sold at lower prices.

Check out market prices

The payment plan shared with the programmer in September was followed before the booking procedure was temporarily closed down. You may check our final update to determine the way Capital Smart City completed in September 2018.

Right now, the top to a 5-marla plot in Capital Smart City is PKR 80,000 and on a 7-marla plot is PKR 30,000. It’s also possible that the premium on those plots and all other sold in elderly booking will go up whenever the date to your society’s official release is declared.


Blue World City Islamabad is a housing project with features that flawlessly match the international standards. The Overseas block is designed in a way which takes special care for the requirements and facilities which are generally demanded by the overseas Pakistanis. Features are as follows:

  • Gated, walled and guarded community.
  • Identified Gate Entry System.
  • 24 hours CCTV Security.
  • Short drive from M-2 Motorway.
  • Closeness to New Islamabad Airport.
  • E-tag system.
  • Guest Waiting Area.
  • 24-Hours Health Services with Ambulance.
  • Overseas Lagoon Club.
  • Parks and Jogging Tracks.
  • Play Area and Mini Golf Club.
  • Blue Mart Department Store Chain.
  • Green Service Area.



Living a busy and hectic everybody routine life can become burden. To get a break from such boredom and stressful life and environment one always wants a dream of living in a peaceful and serene place where you can enjoy all the breath taking beauty and luxuries of life. To meet this requirement and need Blue Hills Country Farms are included in its proximity.


The location of Blue hills farmhouse is placed at the most soothing, serene and tranquil area of the society with a beautiful water stream flowing nearby and surrounded by the natural grandeur and pomp of the society. The peaceful and soothing environment of the society is a perfect place to enjoy a life full of consonance, harmony and solace away, away from the city.


 By booking a farmhouse in this project you will get to experience nature close up and enjoy a peaceful and serene environment. You will get to become a part of the elite class in society while having control over your privacy and property.



You can book 4 and 8 Kanal plots in the Blue World City to build your farm house. The detailed payment plan is as under:

Plot Size Down Payment 40 Monthly instalment 8 Half years instalment Total Price
4Kanal 720,000 1,00,000 3,10,000 72,00,000
8Kanal 1251,000 1,75,000 4,91,875 1,21,50,000



This housing project will be a wonder of Chinese development and architecture. Not only it is the most affordable housing society in the area it is also specifically planned to meet the need to accommodate the influx of over 2 million Chinese residents moving into Pakistan for the CPEC route project in the next few years.

To fulfil this requirement it has become essential for the society to introduce international standard facilities and infrastructure to not only facilitates Chinese residents but also to improve the standard of living for Pakistani citizens.

The housing project will introduce the following futuristic and foresighted, and the amenities that resident have never seen before.



Water, gas & electricity:


Blue World City Islamabad is situated in a relatively remote place and since for so long this area has been neglected and the connections for electricity, gas, and water are rarely granted.


Replica of Blue Mosque at Turkey:


Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey is a marvel of classical architecture built between the years 1609 by Muslim designers and architects have inspired the planners of the Blue World City to build a replica of this monumental mosque in the society to restore Islamic values and culture in Pakistan.

After the Faisal Mosque, the replica of the Blue Mosque will become a landmark for the visitors of the society and will attract the theme of Park View City Islamabad.


Commercial hubs, Schools & Colleges:


The society will prove to become one of the biggest commercial hubs in the region with CPEC route in its proximity, the commercial opportunities are endless.

The master plan of this spectacular society has been designed including state of the art, modern commercial avenues and high-standard educational facilities in all the sectors of the society for the accessibility of people.


Biggest water theme park in Pakistan:


It will include fun water rides, slides, wave pools, volcanic waterfall, specially designed water pools for underage children and water surfing. They have planned to make one of the Pakistan’s biggest theme parks.


Gated Community:


Blue World City will be a heavily guarded and gated community. Unauthorized people will be prohibited in the society.


secure boundary wall will surround the society to add a layer of security.


24/7 Security:


Blue World City takes the security of its residents and visitors very seriously; a specially trained security team will monitor and ensure the safety of its residents 24/7. CCTV cameras will be installed throughout the society to build a secure environment in the housing society so you can enjoy a luxurious stress environment.


Sector and Jamia mosques:


Every sector of society will have specially designed sector mosques for the residents of each sector so that they can pray comfortably and fulfill their religious obligations without any hassle or major travelling.


Wide network of carpeted roads:


The society has already begun working on the infrastructure and the first of that step is to build a wide network of carpeted roads in the society to connect all parts of the society. These roads are proposed to be 40, 60, 80, 100 and 120 feet wide respectively and will also have concrete pathways and sidewalks for the pedestrians and cyclists.


Public Transport:


The society will have an internal network of the public transport system in the society to make the travelling in society easier for the occupants as well as anyone who is visiting the society.


Electric Power plant:


To make the society a load-shedding free zone, the officials have proposed the idea of installing an electric power plant in society.


Underground Electricity:


Although the concept of underground electricity is not new and all the newest housing schemes are opting for it, it has become an essential upgrade for the safety of the community. Not only this step will bring an improvement in the beauty but also give it an outstanding look.


Sports and cultural complex:


Multi functional sports and cultural complex will be built in Blue World City to entertain and promote diversity of cultures and promote extra-curricular activities in the society.


Sewerage Treatment Plant:


State of art sewerage treatment plants will be installed in the society to ensure a hygienic and eco-friendly waste disposal system in the society.


Water filtration plant:


Blue world city will be a self-sufficient and sustainable society and one of the most prominent features of an independent housing society is to be able to provide its residents with clean water.

 Installation of an innovative water filtration plant will ensure the supply of clean water everywhere in society and will improve the living conditions in the region.


3D- Cinema:


Cinemas have become an important means of entertainment and leisure in the lives of people in any community. Blue World City will introduce 3D I-max cinemas to bring the most advanced technology and entertainment to its people.


Adventure Club:


The society will have an adventure club to bring the community together and make social connections in society. This club will arrange a variety of adventurous activities for the pleasure of its members including horseback riding, dirt bike riding, paragliding, parachuting, hiking, etc.


Safari Zoo:


Yet another striking feature in the society will be its Safari Zoo, with a safe drive through a path amid in the society with wild animals roaming freely will not be only exciting but will provide an unforgettable experience for the visitors.


Water pools and spa clubs:


Another luxury that will be enjoyed by the occupants of this society will be its warm and freshwater pools and spa club. These wonderful spas and pools will allow the members to enjoy a variety of relaxing treatments as well as therapeutic sessions.


Police station:


Blue World will also have a fully functional and responsive police station in its surroundings to help with any criminal encounters and illegal activity in the society.


40-Bed Hospital:


Health is the most important concern in any community, a fully operational 40-bed Hospital is designed as a significant part of the master plan of Blue World City. This modern new health facility will be equipped with the latest technology and machinery to facilitate the patients and to deal with any emergency situation in the society.