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KAPTAR Environmental! Mouse Control Service

Everyone needs CDA Pest control Services one way or the another i.e. in areas like Post Falls, Liberty Lake, CDA, Hayden, and Spokane areas pests tend to cause havoc if remain unchecked and to control this we have been using a technique known as CDA which is based on a rotatory machine which helps to spread the pesticides not only uniformly but also to the bottom so that all types of pests whether they are hidden in layers or on the soil are removed. The types of pests that are ruining your area are analyzed first and after careful analysis pesticides are chosen which would only damage and eradicate them. CDA Pest Control Services also deal with problems of rodents i.e. mice. However adorable and fluffy they look but it is better to get rid of them from your houses before it becomes a serious problem for us all here.

Innocent or Not?

Most of the time mice don’t bother people i.e. they are busy in their own lives as are we but when they decide to infiltrate the human space at that time, they become a huge problem and their eradication has become imminent by then. All mice needs are an entry point which can be any i.e. a hole, crack, etc. to squeeze through their little bodies, and if they decide to stay their then they look for a comfy place to start their family. A single mouse is not a problem but an army of mice would be tragic to handle. A mouse when reproduces then it gives birth to mostly females and the females can also reproduce in 3 weeks and in this way the cycle continues and you won’t know when it has become a problem for us to handle. Remember when you see a mouse in your house then be sure that there is plenty to come now because a mouse searches the house for food for his family to eat. Please don’t get hesitant, Call us at KAPTAR Environmental Pest Control Services, we will help you and make sure to relieve you from your worries. We have devised a special plan to hunt them down and then kill then it will take like 2 to 3 days but we assure you that after we finish you won’t face a problem like this ever again in your area.

Killing mouse is not a difficult task to handle but what it’ll cost depend upon 2 things i.e. 1). The area. 2)Time duration for the mouse. i.e. how long have they been living in your premises? Based on these we devised an extraction plan of hunting and killing the mouse while keeping the family member safe and secure. It may usually cost from like 400$ to 1000$. We help and secure both the residential as well as commercial sectors. Always make sure to hire companies that give you some sort of assurances or warranties like ours. We say that when we finish our work and after that if you see any mouse in the area then make sure to contact us, we’ll come and eradicate that disease without any sort of charges.

Tow Truck Company Near Me – Downundertoronto

If you are living in Newark and you search for a tow truck company near me, we offer the best and usable towing services in New Jersey. We are providing our services in more than twenty communities in NJ.

Incidents can be happy or sad. If fate is not in your favor and you facing some accident i.e. running out of gas etc. Just contact us. We will serve you in hours of need. We have been serving the community for many years and we have thousands of trusted customers. No one has control over fate. Accidents are part of life. We are your perfect partner in unpleasant happenings.

tow truck company near me

Problems And Their Solutions

We are offering a bunch of services at affordable and cheap rates. Our rates are market competitive and we promise to provide the best services.

We offer local tow services. If you are driving in your community and your vehicle face driving problems, just contact us, we will leave your car to a nearby workshop. You can count on us if you face traveling problems. Suppose you are on highway and type of your car puncture or gas ran out and there are no chances of a nearby place to solve these problems. Pick up your phone, dial our number and tell us your problem and location. We will send our trusted and experienced technicians to your place and they will tow your vehicle to your desire place. We offer a vast variety of towing services in NJ. We also offer low duty towing services. Moreover, no doubt, it is a headache. However, to relieve our customers we can tow your bike, car, motor trikes, passenger vans, and other light traveling vehicles. To tow your commercial vehicle, there is no other safe place to contact than us. We offer flatbed towing that is preferably used to tow any kind of vehicle with ease.

Now it is time to reveal our roadside assistance services. As we have already told you that we will serve you, any condition you are. We will assist you with off-road vehicle recovery, no gas services, and puncture related services. In short, no matter what condition you are suffering and what location you are at, you will find us your companion.

Our Other Services

Besides vehicle towing, we offer vehicle storage facility, scrap removal, and vehicle body service. If you are stuck with vehicle repairing issue and there is no facility available due to vacation. Do not worry about your vehicle. We will bring you the convenience of our place. We can store your place if there is not any possible solution at the current time. After the holidays, we will shift the vehicle to a mechanic. You can get your vehicle from there or if you are busy, we will tow the car to your desire place i.e. home or office. If you are fed up using a similar car, over the years and you want to get rid of it. Contact us; we will bless you with usable solutions with minimal loss and maximum profit.


Popcorn Ceiling Removal! For a healthy place

Have you heard about Popcorn Ceiling? We at Bay Area Asbestos Removal have and it is considered as a root cause of all the problems. Once upon a time they are considered a luxury item. People who have them in their houses were considered rich but nowadays people who even own them want to get rid of them. We here at Bay Area Asbestos Removal urge you to remove them because of the reason that they tend to host dangerous materials like Asbestos, Lead, etc. which are not only dangerous but can cause a person’s death if not properly treated. We have a team of expert individuals who can not only help you trace these elements but if you agree, we can also remove them for you. We are a certified and licensed team in California. Who can come to your aid whenever you need us.

Remember whenever you buy a new house our is moving to a new house then at least call us once. We’ll do an inspection of your house and make sure that it is livable. If not then we can give you our packages which are affordable and then let you decide whether you want the safety of your family or not. We, when given a green light, will work with everything we got because we know that our client’s satisfaction and safety are our priority. If we need to use our heavy artillery we will. HEPA Vacuuming is our first choice in such kind of matters. Even if you don’t call us or any other for inspection and keep on living as you are now then let us tell you what will happen. Firstly, if the government starts to do its survey and if they find traces of such elements in your home then you will be fined heavily. Secondly, if you somehow try to avoid all this then the damages these elements, we do to you and your family will be unbearable. If not treated in time these elements could cause death also.

Our Intro

We are a local company that deals with the removal of asbestos, lead, mold, and also popcorn ceiling. We provide you with affordable packages and along with this free customer service. When you call us for assistance, then we’ll reach your doorsteps in minutes and then do inspections of your house, remember our inspections are totally free. We are a licensed certified asbestos removal company. Our technicians are California state certified and hold a tremendous amount of experience in the removal of such elements. We provide friendly and professional services to you so that you and your family can enjoy living in your house without any stress or worry. We also use high-tech machinery in our cleaning process. HEPA Vacuuming is always our first choice in the removal of debris. In short, what we do is effective and efficient and also worth doing because if you avoid it to save some money and if something bad happens because of these elements to you or your family then you will not be able to forgive yourself.


Dublin Refrigerator installation – Downundertoronto

Kitchen is the most beautiful place in a house. There are many kinds of installations that help to make the kitchen not only beautiful but also attract others. Refrigerator installation makes the kitchen and home wonderful. These installations are expensive than others. Refrigerator installation make the kitchen beautiful. We offer these installations to make your kitchen a small restaurant kitchen. These installations are fully covered and there is no chance of electric shock. With the help of these installations, we can fulfill your kitchen dreams into reality. 



 Refrigerators are an appliance that helps to keep things cooler for a longer time. People use it for keeping vegetables, fruits, vaccines, eggs, juices and other soft drinks. Refrigerators make life easier and comfortable

refrigerator installation

Parts of refrigerators

There are many parts of refrigerators such as compressors, condensers, evaporators, shelves, refrigerator doors, freezer, light switch and drain pan



It is the main part of a refrigerator. It works as a heart works in a human. Its function to cool the things. In many refrigerators, Tetrafluroethane gas is used. Without it, the refrigerator cannot work. If there is a permanent problem in the compressor then the refrigerator will be useless



It is also an important part of the refrigerator. The main function of the condenser is to condense the air that refrigerator produces during the cooling process



It is the part of the refrigerator whose working is to remove the excess heat from the refrigerator. Without it, the refrigerator cannot work and can be turn off because of excess heat inside the refrigerators.  



Shelves are the part of refrigerators that helps to keep things such as vegetables, fruits and soft drinks etc. There are many shelves in a refrigerator ranging from 4 to 6 depending on the size of a refrigerator. 


Refrigerator door

Refrigerator doors consist of metals sheets or steels. Refrigerators are available in many shapes, colors and sizes. Some refrigerators having a single door and some have double or triple.  



 It is the main part of a refrigerator. It helps to freeze things such as ice cream and soft drinks. The temperature of this part of refrigerators is below 0 degrees. 


Light switch         

It is part of refrigerators that helps to lighten the fridge. When the door of refrigerators opens this light turns on and when the door closes it also closes in a while.  


Drain pan

 It is part of the refrigerator. Its function to pick up extra water from the refrigerator during the defrosting process when the ice melts. 


Refrigerator installation

Refrigerator installations are very popular nowadays in many countries. These installations give the kitchen a stunning look. We offer our best ideas through which you can make your kitchen as good as the picture. These are very easy to adjust for refrigerator installers. Everyone will be amazed when looking at it.   


Other installations

Like refrigerator installations, oven installations, gas range installations, electricity range installations, compact installations and ventilation installations also make your kitchen beautiful. These installations give your kitchen into a more classy and cheesy look.


Best Roofer Bridgend Facilities – Downundertoronto

We are providing roofing and guttering service for more than fifty years. Our contractors have decades of roofing experience. We not only install new roofing, but we also help regarding maintenance. We are the best Roofer Bridgend and we say it proudly. We are registered with the National Federation of Roofing Contractors Limited.

Roofer Bridgend

Installation of new roofing

We can install roofing for your commercial and residential place. Roofing enhances the safety of your place. Loyalty, trust, and experience are our core values. Whenever you need roofing, just leave us an email or contact us. We will surely tell you an optimal solution to your problem. It is difficult to replace the roof. Why roofing is important? Roofing acts as a shield against wind, snow, and rain. We offer various types of roofing. There are two main categories of roofing; flat roofing and pitch roofing. The main difference between these two types is steepness. For flat roofing, the steepness is nearly zero. 10 degrees is the maximum allowable angle for flat roofing. For pitch roofing, steepness plays an important role. If steepness is below optimal value, it might be possible that water would not completely drain out of the roof. The minimum angle for pitch roofing is twenty degrees. We provide different types of roofing depending on their material of construction. Metal roofing, tile roofing, and asphalt shingle roofing are options. You can choose one considering your choice and budget. Every type of roofing will guarantee the safety of your roof. Metal roofing lasts for a minimum of two decades. Tiles are tough material and they can bear severe weather conditions. Tiles are a bad conductor of heat and electricity. They help in maintaining temperature. Tile roofing keeps the room cool in summer and hot in winter. There is minimal maintenance for tile roofing and they can last for a century. Our expert contractors help you to install seamless roofing that lasts for decades. Roofing is an economical option compared to the new roof. Asphalt roofing is best in the case of excessive rain. Asphalt roofing is cost-effective, simple, sustainable, and durable.


Roofing maintenance

We not only offer roofing installation facility but we will also help you to maintain roofing properly. We can repair your roofing. If there are cracks, we will fill them. If there are leak points we will cover the with best quality materials. There are different types of maintenance levels for different roofing. In the case of metal roofing, our team will seal leaks and repair rusted patches. Paint increases the life of metal roofing.


Guttering system

Propose of guttering is to provide a proper channel for rainwater from the roof. If there is a problem with the guttering system, it will be effect proper water flowing capacity. We can repair guttering, there can be leaks in pipes, there can be blockage due to debris and leaves, bends may be broken. We will surely help you regarding guttering issues.

Our customers will not rely on us if we do not serve them with quality services.

Napa Valley Wine Tours! Best Pick & Drop

When you visit Napa Valley San Francisco then you must have to take Napa Valley Wine Tours. And who better to guide you on your journey then your own Napa Valley Limo Service. We have professionally trained chauffeurs in our fleet which guide you and help you to visit every visitable place in Napa Valley. Our Chauffeurs are mostly local so they know the area very well and also when you are with them you don’t have to worry about a bit because they are professionally trained and are ready to combat any kind of situation. In our years of service not even once our client has complained about us. We aim to provide you with the experience of a lifetime. So, that all the moments that you spent with us becomes unforgettable.

Our fleet includes one of the best cars, limos, and buses. They are one of the best and are always prepared for our clients. Your comfort, safety, and most of all your satisfaction is our goal. Whether you want to visit the areas of Napa vineyards, Sonoma valley vineyards or San Francisco Valley or you want to go attend birthday parties, enjoy bachelor/bachelorette parties, attend corporate events or meetings, want a pick and drop from the Airport, want to go to concerts, want to attend funerals or go to graduations or attend prom nights or make your quinceanera memorable then we are here for you. We make sure that you don’t have to worry about a bit and try our best to give you our best in every way we can.

Unlike others we don’t compromise on quality. Ask our customers if you wish, they’ll let you know about our performance and service. Whether you plan a tour or a service of any kind we here at Napa Valley Wine Tours are ready to serve you in any way we can. Call us now for booking @ Napa Valley Luxury Limo Service.

Our Specialties


  • Airport Shuttle:
  • Bachelor Party:
  • Bachelorette Party:
  • Birthday Party:
  • Charter Bus Service:
  • Concerts:
  • Corporate Events:
  • Funerals:
  • NAPA Valley Wine Tours:
  • Graduation:
  • Night Out:
  • Party Bus Wine Tours:
  • Proms:
  • Quinceanera:
  • Weddings:

 Our specialties lie in giving you a tour of Napa Valley etc. When you are in the area and you haven’t done a tour yet then you are missing a lot here. Call us and book a tour and let yourself get amazed by this awesome scenery and looks. Our wine tour includes places like:

  • Livermore Wine Tours
  • Napa Valley Wine Tours
  • Sonoma Valley Wine Tours
  • Northern Sonoma Valley Wine Tours
  • San Francisco Wine Tours
  • Private Wine Tours

When you plan to visit, call us in advance so that we can come and pick you up from the Airport and after resting for a few hours we start our journey and get yourself amazed by the breath-taking views and awesome sceneries. We promise that it will be worth your time. You haven’t have seen anything like that in your whole life and also don’t forget to try our wine it’s the best in the world.

Landscaping Las Vegas Services At Their Best – Downundertoronto

You own a residential place and worry about landscaping, your tension and worries are over. Henderson landscape design facility is the only solution to your problems. Landscaping is being carried out for a long time. Landscaping Las Vegas is delivering best and unique services in the area. We have the best landscape designers and professional system installers. We not only provide the best facilities but our charges are also suitable.


Our Process

Before doing the landscaping, there are many things to consider. Our whole process consists of three primary stages.


Visual inspection

First, to do landscaping, the client decides what kind of landscaping he wants. Either he desires for pavers to rid of from improper and non-balanced pathways or he wishes to have fire pits or he is fed up from natural grass maintenance and we want to go for artificial turf. Each and everything depends on the customer’s will and his/her budget. After deciding the type of landscaping, there is a visual inspection of our team. Our team visits your place and sets parameters for desire landscaping. Depending on the type, our selected team visualizes your place. This visual inspection involves small to large details to consider. For irrigation system, our team decides and suggests the best system for your lawn or backyard. Our team advises you the best-suited artificial turf for your place to overcome maintenance charges. Shortly, visual inspection is the key factor of best and unique landscaping design.


Landscape designing

After visual inspection and finalizing the type of landscaping, the next step is to convert an idea into a design. We are very responsible for designing. We assure you to deliver the best ideas relating to any kind of landscaping. We will design unique, reliable and budget-friendly ideas to make implementation easy and possible. In the case of outdoor kitchen installation, fire pit, pavers and irrigation system, designing plays an important role. There will be additional investment if we don’t have proper design. Also, the design is a technique of imaginations and when these imaginations become real, unique changes happen. We follow some principles while designing.

landscaping las vegas

Union describes that each small portion of the landscape is as important as the other one and combine they reveal the perfect scene.


The consistent order of things implements repetition of similar things throughout landscape structure. It is important to show identical properties throughout the area.


Proportion means to relate the size of one thing to other. For example, no one can adjust more than 10 plants in a square foot.



Once the design is finalized, the next and final step is the implementation of design steps. Here the design work is converted to reality to reflect perfect landscaping aspects. We have professionals who are expert in their fields and they do their best for charming appearances. Depending on the nature of work, each niche of landscape requires a specific tie to complete. For example, artificial turf requires three to four days to complete and normal kitchen system requires two to three weeks to complete.

Offering Top Quality Plumbing Services Over Years

The plumbing system is never an easy thing when building a home. Its design had great importance after building a house. Sanitary installations play great importance in various functions. Plumbing is one of the essential to life in an urban setting to ensure the public remains healthy. Everyone is in need of freshwater to drink, which is brought by pipes into the home. We all know that how challenging it can be when our water service is turned off for whatever reason. It will create a problem in cooking, laundry, personal hygiene and toilet function.In this article, we are getting to know some additional information about the importance of various aspects of Plumbing Services in the upcoming section.

Why do we need to hire a professional plumbing service?

Plumbing is not easy. It requires professionals to handle most jobs which are more difficult than changing the washers in a faucet.Most of the people do not have experience as well as proper tools to fix the plumbing issue on their own. In such a case, we need to hire a properly licensed professional. Below are the major reasons to call for professional plumbing services.

  • They are trained and licensed
  • They are having the right tools and can make use of them
  • Professional plumbers offer emergency service
  • They can able to deliver permanent solutions
  • They can tackle many risky tasks with respect to plumbing

The do it yourself industry has become more popular in recent years. Most of the people like the prospect of saving money by carrying out a repair by them. But in case of plumbing, it does not work; hence we need to hire a professional plumbing service in order to avoid accidents and injuries. They are the most experienced personsin plumbing to solve the issue immediately.

What are the services offered by them?

Professional plumbers can offer plenty of services to residential as well as commercial customers in their area of operation. In order to offer certain services, a plumber must undergo specialized training in line with the industry requirements. Generally, all the professional plumbers are capable of handling routine repairs and the installation of most plumbing appliances. The following are the services offered by them.

  • Plumbing system inspection
  • New plumbing system installation
  • Complete drain cleaning
  • Sewer and water line inspection
  • Sump pump installation
  • Routine maintenance services
  • Water heater repair and replacement

Plumbing Germantown website offers top quality Plumbing Services at affordable rates. They are giving the above and beyond for their customers always aiming to resolve your plumbing problems quickly and effectively. They are offering emergency plumbing services available 24/7 any day. On-time arrivals of the plumbers and guarantee about the services are the reason what we differ from others. They are giving 100% customer satisfaction. When you call on their services, you can rest assured that you are receiving the top plumbing service from the skilled and certified team.

Tree removal service by the arborist

The arborist is the one who helps in trimming and pruning of trees. They are the professionals in cutting and removing the trees. The complete arborists have at least 3 years of experience in the field. They are the most famous service providers, which may offer many services involved in the removal of trees. The trees are one of the most important creatures in the world. They can live for many years with the same structure at the same place. There are many useful ways involved in the removal of the tree. By this, here they provide the best tree removal service only for you.

About the service 


This service is one of the most wanted in all countries over the world. This is because there are many trees presented in every country. Whenever there may be climate disasters like cyclones, heavy rainfall, and others, the first thing, which may spoil, is tress. By understanding this concept, they provide the best tree removal service for you in California. This process takes many hours and requires the right set of safety equipment to arrive and expertise to avoid severe work-related injuries. Tree cutting is something that wants more skill and precautions to do it. Therefore, they help peoples with all the requirements and services, by giving them the best service in that.


Based on removals there are a variety of different methods to eliminate trees, including fire, toxic chemicals, and other options. However, for the safe and effective way to remove your unwanted stumps, we offer experienced workers for help to the removal of trees. They also provide you the best service based upon the urgency of the service needed. They provide all tree services, including trimming, pruning, tree removal, stump grinding, forest management, and lot clearing and many other tree services only for you. The teammates are skilled in providing the best service for you. Peoples now days searching for good tree service providers, so in that way, they make you complete results of good work in the field. Their tree care services include services like pesticides, disease control, deep root feeding, they fully insured workmanship to be both effectively, environmentally and friendly.


How they remove the trees?


Using crane 


    This is the most, safest and efficient way to remove a tree. They use cranes to delicate and naturally remove trees and kindly the huge pieces of trees through the air. The tree extraction process starts by getting a place to set the crane up. So that it is easy to remove the trees by the crane, they make clear the places within a respected time.


Cutting machines 

The cutting machine is one o0f the famous equipment used by the workers. Here whenever they get the contact for removal of trees, the professionals use this type of machine to clear all the damaged and affected trees. Therefore, the work will be over as soon as possible. So for this easy process, everyone starts to choose us.


Therefore, for the best service and tree removal choose the Tree Service Rancho Cordova.

Real Estate Marketing: How to Send Emails that Generate Response

You need an Email Sequence to Involve Your Customers Power.

The real estate marketing has changed a lot with the arrival of the internet. Today it is much easier to reach your potential customers and keep in touch with them , get them to ask for information and sell them. Those of us who have been in this sector since before the arrival of the internet in our lives, we know that well.

If you have been surfing the internet looking for information on online marketing to improve your real estate business you will have read more than once that “money is in the list”.  This means that to capture customers online, regardless of the sector in which you are including trying to sell properties in housing schemes such as Blue World City  you need to create a database and use it wisely to convert% of that database into customers.

You need to generate that database of qualified clients with a real estate sales funnel and select the clients with the greatest purchase potential using real estate email marketing.

Creating a database of clients interested in buying a property in the next 1-3 months is ground gold , hence the importance of mastering the sales funnel process.

Using landing pages, ebooks and / or videos, an auto responder and an email sequence , in about 4 weeks you can obtain a database of about 200 – 500 potential customers looking to buy a property in your area now or within few months

These 200 – 500 potential clients already know you, (they know about your existence) , because they have visited some of your landing pages, they have downloaded valuable information that you have provided for free and they have authorized you to send them information.

Now is when the dance begins and you have to learn to dance well if you want to have a partner all night. Let’s see how to dance using email.

Real Estate Marketing and your Email Sequence.

In order for some of those 200-500 potential clients to want to dance with you, you need to be smart and elegant in order to avoid animosity or rejection. Smart and elegant insistence is achieved by sending a sequence of emails through your auto responder.

“NOTE: Make it clear. Sending a couple of emails or a single email will not achieve your goal. Like sending 1 email every week you will not get a small percentage, but valuable potential customers contact you. You have to send emails every day or every 2 days depending on the situation. ”

Although these potential clients have already authorized you to send them information, you should avoid several fundamental errors that most real estate agents make when they send emails to their database.

Remember that you need an auto responder for any email marketing campaign you want to carry out. If you do not know how to get a car responder or which is the best visit the “Resources” page on this website.

Let’s see briefly how you should program your email sequence.

1.- The best way to program your auto responder is to send a message, (email # 1), as soon as the person registers in your database. This email is to welcome you and with a link where you will download the free information that you promised in your recruitment campaign. This email is short and does not try to sell anything.

2.- From now on, an email is sent every 2 days with valuable information and at the end of the email remind you with a couple of sentences that you are an alternative. This email does not sell anything directly. The purpose of these emails is to build credibility, trust and sell yourself as an expert in the field in this area.

This valuable information does not have to be a long email; Simply send some tricks to find the house of your dreams or to sell your house quickly. There are countless topics that your potential customers will find interesting and valuable.

If the email sequence is intended for owners , you must send your emails in a daily sequence . If you write these emails with intelligence, they will not be perceived as intrusive or aggressive.

This frequency of sending emails is tested and is the one that produces the highest profitability of requests for information. In total you will have sent about 12 – 15 emails in a period of 30 or 15 days depending on your email marketing campaign is aimed at buyers or owners.

Real Estate Marketing. Creative Emails are the Key.

Let’s make numbers. Wait for a response between 0.1% – 3% of the entire database. If you manage to increase this percentage, then you are sending some really good emails in their content. That is to say; out of every 100 people in your database will answer you between 1-3 people wanting to know more about your services. He will answer you by email or call you directly. These people will be really interested in doing business with you. Do not worry; 1% -3% is a pretty good figure as you will see now.

Therefore, from a database of only 500 emails in your database means that with the appropriate email sequence you will get between 5 and 15 potential customers in about 15-45 days. Of all these potential customers, if you know how to manage these requests by phone or email they will buy you a property around 25%; that is, between 1-4 people between 30-45 days.

Perfect. Now you have to prepare this process or sales funnel , so that every month you get between 5 and 15 requests for “qualified” information. Qualified means clients who want to buy a property in your area similar to or equal to one of those in your portfolio in the next 8 weeks. All requests for information that do not fit this description of “qualified” are a waste of time.

In all this process of capturing through the sales funnel, the content of your emails, the creativity of the content, is the key.

“NOTE: By the way, you will see that the majority of the small percentage of your potential customers who will contact you will start to do so  from the 4th-5th email in sequence.”

An email is divided into several parts and each of them must be very well thought out:

1.- The subject of your email. The most important part of your email. If the matter does not generate interest or curiosity, the client even if he already knows you will not open the email.

2.- The text of the message. It can be short or long. Do not think that long emails are not read or read less. Everything is in the content of that email. If the subject you are dealing with is interesting for the owner or buyer of a property, the email will be read or scanned from top to bottom. Is that what you want. You are not selling anything, just building credibility and trust.

3.- The call to action. You must clearly and elegantly indicate that the person does what you want him to do; In other words, contact you now to help you buy the property you are looking for or help you sell your property quickly and at the best price.

It is clear that if you maintain a continuous flow of information requests, you will not lack customers to sell to, every month.

Real Estate Marketing. Catch up and get fast.

As you can see, all your online campaigns should be aimed at creating your own database of potential customers. Putting an ad on real estate portals e.g. islamabad property portals and waiting for you to be contacted is fine, it works sometimes, but it has the disadvantage that you do not control the process and you will always have good and bad weeks, more bad than good, and of course you will not get to through the portals customers as qualified as you will get through email real estate marketing.

Forget about customer acquisition techniques that are already outdated. Email marketing campaigns are the ones that work best in this sector and the ones that are beginning to put more and more agencies and agents into practice to guarantee sales every month.

Do you want to get 1% -3%   of potential customers from your database? Learn to implement a real estate sales funnel and write attractive and interesting emails .

Remember that the key to your emails is in these 4 points:

1.- Nothing to sell your real estate product in these emails.

2.- No documents attached . Everything must be through links.

3.- Sell your real estate service  with a couple of sentences at the end of each email.

4.- Each email must contain valuable information .

I could extend much more, but my intention with this article is to introduce you to a form of recruitment with which you may not be familiar. Real estate portals are a good means of recruitment, but it is not the best, I can assure you.

And that’s it. If you maintain a flow of emails to your database you will have secure potential customers every week. You will lose 99% -97% of them along the way, but who cares? What interests you is that 1% – 3% that will leave you high fees every month.