Do hoverboards still explode?

Do hoverboards still explode in 2021?

Hoverboards are becoming more popular day by day not only for kids but adults as well. We have witnessed many times that kids often request hoverboards are birthday gifts, not only that but hoverboards are one of the most selling items around Christmas time. According to research team at, the use of hoverboards in increasing with the passage of time. Especially after COVID-19 pandemic, people are using them for their time pass.

A hoverboard is basically an electronic device that has a heavy-duty motor attached to it along with various electronic components, it is used by kids and adults for commuting purposes, you can suppose that a hoverboard may explode.

The reason for the explosion can be malfunctioning or a faulty battery. If you look at the history of these hoverboards you will come to know that these hoverboards have been recorded in the past to explode. If you are a parent, then this thought had defiantly crossed your mind.

Every parent worries about the safety of their kids.

So do hoverboard actually Explode?

To give you an answer in a concise form then “yes” these hoverboards can actually catch on fire. But we live in a time where technology is rapidly evolving, and with this evolution, many safety features have been included in the hoverboard to stop them from exploding.

Now hoverboards are made with the safest electrical components. Furthermore, UL2272 has given the hoverboard a new life. now whenever you go to the market too but on a hoverboard, you will see the UL2272 Certification.

Causes of hoverboard exploding or catching fire.

If we look at the past, people had concerns with hoverboard batteries catching fire. In this article, we will tell you about the main causes of hoverboards catching fire.


At this point, we all know that hoverboards are operated with batteries, and to no one’s surprise, these batteries are the root cause of hoverboard exploding. If we are talking about batteries, then the lithium-ion 18650 battery comes to mind. This is the battery that is responsible for the most number of reported explosions.

These batteries have cells in them which each has 4.2 volts. Polyethylene sheets are used to cover these cells. When you overcharge your hoverboard these polyethylene sheets may rupture due to the excessive amount of heat produced due to the charging process. As a result, the hoverboard battery may explode or catch on fire.

It is also a very common sight of the hoverboard exploding while riding. You can also say that the failure of the cooling system also plays its part in the explosion.


Another factor that can contribute to the hoverboard explosion is bad quality insulation. Many times due to excessive use the insulation of the wiring gets waved off, which leads to a short circuit and the end result is an explosion.

Fault in Manufacturing

Though not a common incident it can happen, because hoverboard is made in a very large scale, there is a probability that one of these hoverboards has not got its fitting correctly. This loose-fitting becomes the reason for the short circuit.

The short circuit created due to loose-fitting results in fire or explosion. On the other hand, when companies try to cut costs they usually install low-quality batteries in their hoverboards. Cost-cutting is not just limited to cheap quality batteries but wires, other manufacturing components as well.

All of the cheap materials used in the hoverboard causes it to explode.

How to prevent hoverboard from exploding

Now that you know about the main causes which lead to hoverboard explosions let’s talk about how to prevent these explosions from happening.

UL2272 Certification

The best thing to check before buying a hoverboard for yourself or kids is its certification. These certifications are usually printed on the hoverboard description or you can know about these certifications on the buyer’s guide of the hoverboard.

The UL2272 certification is considered the most important certification as it ensures the safety of you or your kids, if a hoverboard has UL2272 Certification then you can put your mind at ease that the rider is safe from any type of explosion or fire.

For a hoverboard to get UL2272 Certification the product has to go through long and rigorous testing by various scientists.

Charging time

As it is said many times overcharging can cause an explosion. In fact, overcharging is the main cause of hoverboard explosions. You have to adopt a proactive approach and check the charging of your hoverboard. As soon as your hoverboard reaches 100% charging unplug the charger immediately.

Conclusion About hoverboards still explode:

In this article, we have tried to clear all of your misconceptions that you may have over hoverboard exploding. There can be several factors affecting the life of the hoverboard, and all of those factors are discussed in great detail.

First and foremost, before buying a hoverboard you should check for the UL2272 Certification. Then when you make up your mind on which brand’s hoverboard you are going to buy check the quality of the battery. Also, before buying one for you, you should know the working mechanism of hoverboard in the detail. Reading some online reviews will do wonders for you.