Do you believe bankruptcy lawyer can provide immediate assistance?

People throughout the country suffer from debt-related issues, which affect them in all aspects of life. Maybe, you or someone you may know has just recently lost their job and are in debt, or because of a medical situation, you are in debt or some other event has put you in a cycle of debt. Financial situations change and life will not care that your financial situations are bad, they just happen. But people should know that this is not the end of the situation. You have a lot of choices to choose from. You can get debt relief by opting for bankruptcy.

How to get started?

First of all, you should get in contact with a profession San Antonio bankruptcy lawyer, will informed you through guesses of your situation and provide you with the best possible decision to get you out of the debt that has hindered you for so long.

The vision of the firm

At the Van Law Firm, they are always up for a challenge, and are always steadfast on helping the people who have been suffering in the deadly cycle of debt caused by the rampant economy by using the process of bankruptcy.

The firm helps their clients by the following processes of bankruptcies:

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

1.    Chapter 7 Bankruptcy:

This is the kind of bankruptcy where the client keeps some of the assets but can only get to discharge certain debt that is somewhat popular. With chapter 7 bankruptcy, the client can discharge medical bills, credit card debt and other unsecured debt. It is the most common type of bankruptcy that people usually go for.

2.    Chapter 13 Bankruptcy:

In this type of bankruptcy, the client pays back the debt to some extent by keeping their budget in check. The payment to the trustee of the Bankruptcy Court is paid on a monthly basis. This situation is most common when facing foreclosure or when a repossession of a vehicle is concerned.


Take precautions in “debt reductions” and “debt management”

While trying to solve your debt problem do not fall for companies that give you options on “debt reductions” and “debt management”. These types of companies claim that they will easily reduce your debt load. But, make sure you stay clear of such companies because the services offered by these companies are not legitimate at all. The money the will be spent on them might be better spent on a bankruptcy lawyer.

By getting a bankruptcy lawyer San Antonio, you can let them take care of the dire situation you may be in. They will work extremely hard to give you the peace of mind that you so much need. These lawyers have handled thousands of bankruptcies, especially bankruptcies that will into the chapter 7 plan. They will take action and do the required work to get a solution that will be the most suitable for your particular situation.