How can you stay safe in the city of Casablanca?

Casablanca Street

In truth, the city of Casablanca is a safe city to visit. There is only really little crime there (pickpockets and scams), and you are unlikely to be seriously hurt or assaulted as a visitor in the Casablanca city. Casablanca is super secure for travelers now. As a solo female tourist, you have to be careful a little more cautiously but, overall, you’re still unlikely to come across any serious issues. Casablanca travel needs additional vigilance because it is simple to have something occur to you.

You are unlikely to ever be in any actual physical danger in the city, but the harassment and petty crime need you to stay on guard, more so than other places. However, if you follow some rules, you can leave the city without incidence and unscathed. Here are a few tips on how you can stay safe when you visit the city of Casablanca:

Do not go out alone if you are a lady:

A lady alone will attract much unnecessary attention from guys, an increased possibility of being followed, and the possibility of groping. Even when you imagine this entire scenario, it is really bad. We can just imagine how much worse it was when a woman is alone. And, as a woman, particularly, don’t go out alone at night!

Do not go out alone at night:

While going out in busy and well-lit areas can be okay, be cautious while going out alone at night. You never acquaint what lies in wait in the souks. Petty crime is extensive here, particularly against travelers.

Avoid gaudy jewelry:

The best universal rule, it takes on more urgency in a place where stealing is common, and individuals will see the jewelry as a symbol of riches and therefore try even harder for scamming you in shops or steal from you on the streets.

Dress conventionally:

Morocco is a Muslim country, and it is not right to wear scanty clothing. Keep the shoulders, arms, and your legs covered (particularly if you’re a lady) for avoiding any undesired attention and conform to the local traditions.

Avoid the back alleys:

The small alleys of the souk are stunning to go around, but at times, they make you simple prey for thieves and scammers. Do not go too far away from the crowds.

Do not take valuables with you:

Since pickpockets and muggings are common, take the least you require when you leave the hostel or hotel room. Do not take the passport with you, leave it in your hotel room! Some individuals on the trip carried it around with them, which can be not a good idea. So leave it in your room.

Say no to the guides:

The individuals saying no cash definitely desire your money. They’ll try to get the tourist into their stores or take the places and ask for cash for the service. Be stiff, and tell them no thanks. It does not matter their age or how supportive they are, if they begin walking with you, they’ll ask for cash!

Watch for the scams:

If somebody asks you into their shop store for some tea, they’re gonna utilize that as a pretext for getting you to purchase something, and, thanks to the entrenched psychological idea of reciprocity, you will almost certainly surrender. Do not allow anybody to ask you for writing a letter or read some postcard that their relatives sent to them in French/English or whatever the native language is. It is a trick for getting you into their shop and wears you down, same with allowing somebody to put henna on the hand. Once such vendors got you, they’ll be relentless about you to try on clothing, purchasing something, or providing them cash. Say no thanks and walk off.

Always negotiate cab charges upfront:

Always negotiate the charge for cabs before you take a seat, as costs are gonna be considerably inflated when you reach the destination.

While that is great advice for any place, Casablanca is more intense than the average destination because of the sheer number of individuals who’ll provide you undesired attention. It takes much energy for always being on guard in a region where the simple act of asking for ways frequently directs individuals asking for cash.

Is the city of Casablanca safe? For the most part, yes, it is. But visiting Casablanca needs you to be a bit tougher and keep your eagle out for issues. It requires you to be a little more skeptical. That being said, thousands of individuals visit the place alone, and they’re okay. If you are fine in the uncomfortable conditions and a frantic environment, you will be capable of visiting the city of Casa just fine! We’d one hundred percent suggest to anybody that they visit this place, but make certain to keep the extra eye out and have a thick skin for all those individuals asking you to purchase things!