How do hoverboards balance?

Riding a hoverboard feels so amazing and out of the world as if it is magic, and when you think about it your mind is blown by what we have accomplished since our existence. To balance a hoverboard you just need to stand on it. It is recommended that you stand upright and start shifting your weight.

When you tilt to shift your weight it starts to move forward. To stop the hoverboard all you have to do Is lean backward. It will stop moving. Now think about all of this. how does this happen? How is it possible? It is pure magic.

Coming to reality the hoverboard moves not because of magic but it moves through science and engineering.

A hoverboard is a balancing act

When we refer to hoverboard we sometimes refer to it as a self-balancing hoverboard or self-balancing electric scooters, a self-balancing smart hoverboard. The self-balancing part will only be evident when you ride a hoverboard by yourself.

You will know why balancing is so important and why we are constantly emphasizing it. To tell you how balancing works in hoverboards you need to know what is going on inside the hoverboard.

What is the hoverboard made from and which parts are crucial in balancing the hoverboard. Generally speaking, nearly all the hoverboards are made up of the following components which includes

  • The general frame
  • Logic board
  • Gyroscope
  • Infrared sensor
  • Electric motor
  • Charging port
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Led lights
  • Pressure pads

All of the above-mentioned components work in conjunction with each other. And this insure a magical riding experience.

Logic Board

It can be also called the brains of the hoverboard, you can also call this the motherboard of the hoverboards as it receives all the data from different sensors and carries out the function of the hoverboard in real-time.

Let it be speed, tilt angle the speed of each separate wheel and all the other functions are carried out by the logic board. To ensure the smooth working of all the components, you need to make sure the logic board is in good condition.

How Hoverboard Detects Motion

When you stand on the hoverboard you are not standing on a plain piece of metal but you are standing on pressure-sensitive plates or pads, now each of the pads has two switches. On which there are infrared light and infrared sensors.

For the hoverboard to stay still the sensor needs to detect the light. when the light is detected the logic board sends signals to the motor, which allows the motor to stay still. When you are leaning a bit forward you are basically exerting pressure on the front switch of the footpad.

This results in the blockage of infrared light. so the light does not reach the sensor, which sends the signal to the logic board to power up the motor and start moving.

If the logic board detects the left switch is activated then you will move towards the right direction, and when the logic board detects the right switch is activated then you will move towards the left direction. If both the switches are activated and the logic board detects it’s then you will move forward.

Detecting Tilt and speed

In hoverboards hub motors are used. This means that the motor is located inside the wheel of the hoverboard. This motor is activated by the data that is sent to them by the speed and tilt sensors, which are placed in each wheel of the hoverboard.

To move the hoverboard forward you need to lean on it a bit in the forward direction, with this lean the hoverboard will start to move forward. The tilt detecting sensors will detect the tilt and start to move forward.

The harder you lean forward the faster you will go. When you go fast the speed sensors spring into action, the speed sensors capture that from the sensors and send it to the gyroscope/


Although the balancing mechanism seems very complex, it is very straightforward when you know the science behind it. That is the beauty of science. The hoverboard will start balancing itself as soon as you get on it.

All the above-mentioned components start working together to give you a never forgetting expectance.


Recently the technology related to self-balancing electric machines is improving rapidly. The performance and the durability of hoverboards have increased significantly. The designs of these electric scooters are now much better as compared to their initial release. For more detailed information, you can check a complete guide to the best hoverboards.

In this article, we have talked about the working and the balancing aspect of the hoverboard. Once you know your hoverboard and it’s working then it will become much easier for you to ride your hoverboard. Even you will enjoy your hoverboard more when you learn how the balancing of the hoverboard works.