Popcorn Ceiling Removal! For a healthy place

Have you heard about Popcorn Ceiling? We at Bay Area Asbestos Removal have and it is considered as a root cause of all the problems. Once upon a time they are considered a luxury item. People who have them in their houses were considered rich but nowadays people who even own them want to get rid of them. We here at Bay Area Asbestos Removal urge you to remove them because of the reason that they tend to host dangerous materials like Asbestos, Lead, etc. which are not only dangerous but can cause a person’s death if not properly treated. We have a team of expert individuals who can not only help you trace these elements but if you agree, we can also remove them for you. We are a certified and licensed team in California. Who can come to your aid whenever you need us.

Remember whenever you buy a new house our is moving to a new house then at least call us once. We’ll do an inspection of your house and make sure that it is livable. If not then we can give you our packages which are affordable and then let you decide whether you want the safety of your family or not. We, when given a green light, will work with everything we got because we know that our client’s satisfaction and safety are our priority. If we need to use our heavy artillery we will. HEPA Vacuuming is our first choice in such kind of matters. Even if you don’t call us or any other for inspection and keep on living as you are now then let us tell you what will happen. Firstly, if the government starts to do its survey and if they find traces of such elements in your home then you will be fined heavily. Secondly, if you somehow try to avoid all this then the damages these elements, we do to you and your family will be unbearable. If not treated in time these elements could cause death also.

Our Intro

We are a local company that deals with the removal of asbestos, lead, mold, and also popcorn ceiling. We provide you with affordable packages and along with this free customer service. When you call us for assistance, then we’ll reach your doorsteps in minutes and then do inspections of your house, remember our inspections are totally free. We are a licensed certified asbestos removal company. Our technicians are California state certified and hold a tremendous amount of experience in the removal of such elements. We provide friendly and professional services to you so that you and your family can enjoy living in your house without any stress or worry. We also use high-tech machinery in our cleaning process. HEPA Vacuuming is always our first choice in the removal of debris. In short, what we do is effective and efficient and also worth doing because if you avoid it to save some money and if something bad happens because of these elements to you or your family then you will not be able to forgive yourself.