Real Estate Marketing: How to Send Emails that Generate Response

You need an Email Sequence to Involve Your Customers Power.

The real estate marketing has changed a lot with the arrival of the internet. Today it is much easier to reach your potential customers and keep in touch with them , get them to ask for information and sell them. Those of us who have been in this sector since before the arrival of the internet in our lives, we know that well.

If you have been surfing the internet looking for information on online marketing to improve your real estate business you will have read more than once that “money is in the list”.  This means that to capture customers online, regardless of the sector in which you are including trying to sell properties in housing schemes such as Blue World City  you need to create a database and use it wisely to convert% of that database into customers.

You need to generate that database of qualified clients with a real estate sales funnel and select the clients with the greatest purchase potential using real estate email marketing.

Creating a database of clients interested in buying a property in the next 1-3 months is ground gold , hence the importance of mastering the sales funnel process.

Using landing pages, ebooks and / or videos, an auto responder and an email sequence , in about 4 weeks you can obtain a database of about 200 – 500 potential customers looking to buy a property in your area now or within few months

These 200 – 500 potential clients already know you, (they know about your existence) , because they have visited some of your landing pages, they have downloaded valuable information that you have provided for free and they have authorized you to send them information.

Now is when the dance begins and you have to learn to dance well if you want to have a partner all night. Let’s see how to dance using email.

Real Estate Marketing and your Email Sequence.

In order for some of those 200-500 potential clients to want to dance with you, you need to be smart and elegant in order to avoid animosity or rejection. Smart and elegant insistence is achieved by sending a sequence of emails through your auto responder.

“NOTE: Make it clear. Sending a couple of emails or a single email will not achieve your goal. Like sending 1 email every week you will not get a small percentage, but valuable potential customers contact you. You have to send emails every day or every 2 days depending on the situation. ”

Although these potential clients have already authorized you to send them information, you should avoid several fundamental errors that most real estate agents make when they send emails to their database.

Remember that you need an auto responder for any email marketing campaign you want to carry out. If you do not know how to get a car responder or which is the best visit the “Resources” page on this website.

Let’s see briefly how you should program your email sequence.

1.- The best way to program your auto responder is to send a message, (email # 1), as soon as the person registers in your database. This email is to welcome you and with a link where you will download the free information that you promised in your recruitment campaign. This email is short and does not try to sell anything.

2.- From now on, an email is sent every 2 days with valuable information and at the end of the email remind you with a couple of sentences that you are an alternative. This email does not sell anything directly. The purpose of these emails is to build credibility, trust and sell yourself as an expert in the field in this area.

This valuable information does not have to be a long email; Simply send some tricks to find the house of your dreams or to sell your house quickly. There are countless topics that your potential customers will find interesting and valuable.

If the email sequence is intended for owners , you must send your emails in a daily sequence . If you write these emails with intelligence, they will not be perceived as intrusive or aggressive.

This frequency of sending emails is tested and is the one that produces the highest profitability of requests for information. In total you will have sent about 12 – 15 emails in a period of 30 or 15 days depending on your email marketing campaign is aimed at buyers or owners.

Real Estate Marketing. Creative Emails are the Key.

Let’s make numbers. Wait for a response between 0.1% – 3% of the entire database. If you manage to increase this percentage, then you are sending some really good emails in their content. That is to say; out of every 100 people in your database will answer you between 1-3 people wanting to know more about your services. He will answer you by email or call you directly. These people will be really interested in doing business with you. Do not worry; 1% -3% is a pretty good figure as you will see now.

Therefore, from a database of only 500 emails in your database means that with the appropriate email sequence you will get between 5 and 15 potential customers in about 15-45 days. Of all these potential customers, if you know how to manage these requests by phone or email they will buy you a property around 25%; that is, between 1-4 people between 30-45 days.

Perfect. Now you have to prepare this process or sales funnel , so that every month you get between 5 and 15 requests for “qualified” information. Qualified means clients who want to buy a property in your area similar to or equal to one of those in your portfolio in the next 8 weeks. All requests for information that do not fit this description of “qualified” are a waste of time.

In all this process of capturing through the sales funnel, the content of your emails, the creativity of the content, is the key.

“NOTE: By the way, you will see that the majority of the small percentage of your potential customers who will contact you will start to do so  from the 4th-5th email in sequence.”

An email is divided into several parts and each of them must be very well thought out:

1.- The subject of your email. The most important part of your email. If the matter does not generate interest or curiosity, the client even if he already knows you will not open the email.

2.- The text of the message. It can be short or long. Do not think that long emails are not read or read less. Everything is in the content of that email. If the subject you are dealing with is interesting for the owner or buyer of a property, the email will be read or scanned from top to bottom. Is that what you want. You are not selling anything, just building credibility and trust.

3.- The call to action. You must clearly and elegantly indicate that the person does what you want him to do; In other words, contact you now to help you buy the property you are looking for or help you sell your property quickly and at the best price.

It is clear that if you maintain a continuous flow of information requests, you will not lack customers to sell to, every month.

Real Estate Marketing. Catch up and get fast.

As you can see, all your online campaigns should be aimed at creating your own database of potential customers. Putting an ad on real estate portals e.g. islamabad property portals and waiting for you to be contacted is fine, it works sometimes, but it has the disadvantage that you do not control the process and you will always have good and bad weeks, more bad than good, and of course you will not get to through the portals customers as qualified as you will get through email real estate marketing.

Forget about customer acquisition techniques that are already outdated. Email marketing campaigns are the ones that work best in this sector and the ones that are beginning to put more and more agencies and agents into practice to guarantee sales every month.

Do you want to get 1% -3%   of potential customers from your database? Learn to implement a real estate sales funnel and write attractive and interesting emails .

Remember that the key to your emails is in these 4 points:

1.- Nothing to sell your real estate product in these emails.

2.- No documents attached . Everything must be through links.

3.- Sell your real estate service  with a couple of sentences at the end of each email.

4.- Each email must contain valuable information .

I could extend much more, but my intention with this article is to introduce you to a form of recruitment with which you may not be familiar. Real estate portals are a good means of recruitment, but it is not the best, I can assure you.

And that’s it. If you maintain a flow of emails to your database you will have secure potential customers every week. You will lose 99% -97% of them along the way, but who cares? What interests you is that 1% – 3% that will leave you high fees every month.