Real Estate Marketing: what it is and how it works

The boom in the market for the sale and rental of real estate has increased competitiveness among different real estate agencies, especially those that carry out their activity through the internet. That is why real estate marketing is gaining increasing importance, as it can be a great strategy to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Real estate marketing can be defined as the process of creating strategies and projects to promote a product with a previous market analysis. In this case by product we refer to real estate: house, offices, plots etc.

The main basis is to search for properties and find people who are interested in buying or renting them. Although the concepts of real estate marketing and real estate sales seem similar, their difference is that marketing consists of actions that make it possible for professionals to find clients or investors, and encourage sales . On the other hand, the sale only includes those interested in buying and in a real estate commission for it.

How real estate marketing works

Now most of the real estate sector  property for sale in islamabad moves through the internet , and that makes digital marketing so important when it comes to attracting the most potential clients.

This makes it vital that the expert knows first-hand the real estate market situation and how all the agents involved in it behave. Only in this way can the marketing strategy be really effective and accurate.

Preparation of the plan

It is necessary to carry out a real estate marketing plan or a roadmap that allows to mark the objectives that are intended to be achieved and what actions will be carried out to achieve them.

In order to develop an efficient real estate marketing plan for example  plan for Capital Smart city. It is necessary to follow a series of steps:

  1. Study the market . Know the competition and know how we differentiate from it.
  2. Mark some objectives and define the strategies to be followed at the product, price, distribution or promotion level.
  3. Perform a check and evaluation to see if results are being obtained or if on the contrary we have deviated from the initial plan. It is also necessary to keep track of the economic estimates of both costs and revenues.

Digital marketing strategies for real estate

As in the vast majority of economic sectors, real estate agencies must also adapt their communication channel to the new techniques offered by the digital world . Since this way they will be opening up to a greater number of clients or investors.

This can be enhanced through different strategies:

Inbound Marketing

Content real estate marketing or inbound marketing consists of generating texts on those topics that may interest the target audience and potential customers . It can be through a blog, videos on YouTube or with photographic material.

With this strategy, the aim is to improve visibility in search engines such as Google . For this, SEO positioning is used , which allows a company’s website to appear in the top positions of searches that are not ads or are free.

Although it can also be developed through SEM positioning which allows to appear in the first results, but paying . With Google Adwords you can buy advertising campaigns for real estate, or an ad is inserted.

Social Network Marketing

Social networks are also used to carry out this type of strategy, so that a direct and reliable relationship with the target audience is established .

Email Marketing

This strategy is based on sending a newsletter , or what is traditionally known as a newsletter, through email. In this way, customers are informed at all times of developments that may arise , such as a new offer of properties, or availability in certain areas, etc.

Real Estate Branding

Real estate branding is a marketing strategy that is executed after sales, that is, at the moment in which the real estate agency has managed to find out what its customers’ needs are and how to cover them, it is time to improve sales and give a greater prestige to the brand as a real estate agency.

One of the most important points in this process is the corporate image, since it will allow to differentiate from the competition in a quick and visual way. A good design can allow the client to identify faster the real estate agency with which he is dealing.

To carry out a good branding process, it is necessary to know what customers think about the brand , what Bahria town Karachi clients thing of it. To know how it can be improved and if it is necessary to make a specialization in some type of product such as office rental or the sale of parking spaces.