Reasons to install a radon mitigation system! ASAP

radon mitigation

Radon is a radioactive colorless odorless gas. It comes from the decay of radioactive elements such as uranium. It causes many health problems such as lung cancer. It is very dangerous for human health therefore it is important to reduce the level of radon gas using different strategies. Radon Mitigation System helps to reduce the level of radon gas from your homes and improves a healthy life.

We offer many radon mitigation system services such as drain tile suction block wall suction, sump Hole suction and crawl space ventilation. Our team inspects the location of your house and tells you which one is suitable for your house.

Radon gas is dangerous for all of us. For this purpose, a radon mitigation system helps you to reduce the level of radon gas. You can install it in your basement or anywhere where you want. Our workers provide you complete guidance about the procedure, materials and cost of this system. If you are suffering from this problem and you want to enjoy a healthy life then you can contact us at any time to avail of this offer. You can contact us through email and sends us feedback about the installment.

Steps to install radon mitigation system

Radon mitigation system is done in three steps. First of all our team visit your home to know the level of radon gas then the procedure for this installment begins within a few days. Drilling is the first step that helps to remove radon gas from your homes. Drilling is a time-taking procedure and it depends on the working abilities of workers. Drilling is done with drill bits. After drilling, a hole is made in the ground to remove the gas. After this step, a piping assembly is needed. We provide you complete guarantee about the material of the piping assembly. The diameter of the piping assembly depends on the inlet and outlet of the fan. If the diameter of the piping is not matched then leakage of gas can occur. The third and last step is the fan installation. It helps in the removal of trapped air from inside to outside of the home. Once the fan is installed, the outer piping assembly is inserted upward to remove the gas.

Testing services

We also provide testing services of radon mitigation system through which our workers test the level of radon gas in your basement. There are two types of tests. Short-term tests and long-term tests. For short-term tests, our workers guide you to close doors and windows and do not turn on the fan because it can transfer air from indoors to outdoors. Therefore, for the exact record of radon gas, it is important to close them. Short -term devices can be used to record the level of radon gas. These include electret ion compartments, charcoal patches and alpha track system. Long-term tests can be performed by recording the level of radon gas for more than 90 days. Long- term devices are alpha track systems and electret ion compartments are used.