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If you are living in Newark and you search for a tow truck company near me, we offer the best and usable towing services in New Jersey. We are providing our services in more than twenty communities in NJ.

Incidents can be happy or sad. If fate is not in your favor and you facing some accident i.e. running out of gas etc. Just contact us. We will serve you in hours of need. We have been serving the community for many years and we have thousands of trusted customers. No one has control over fate. Accidents are part of life. We are your perfect partner in unpleasant happenings.

tow truck company near me

Problems And Their Solutions

We are offering a bunch of services at affordable and cheap rates. Our rates are market competitive and we promise to provide the best services.

We offer local tow services. If you are driving in your community and your vehicle face driving problems, just contact us, we will leave your car to a nearby workshop. You can count on us if you face traveling problems. Suppose you are on highway and type of your car puncture or gas ran out and there are no chances of a nearby place to solve these problems. Pick up your phone, dial our number and tell us your problem and location. We will send our trusted and experienced technicians to your place and they will tow your vehicle to your desire place. We offer a vast variety of towing services in NJ. We also offer low duty towing services. Moreover, no doubt, it is a headache. However, to relieve our customers we can tow your bike, car, motor trikes, passenger vans, and other light traveling vehicles. To tow your commercial vehicle, there is no other safe place to contact than us. We offer flatbed towing that is preferably used to tow any kind of vehicle with ease.

Now it is time to reveal our roadside assistance services. As we have already told you that we will serve you, any condition you are. We will assist you with off-road vehicle recovery, no gas services, and puncture related services. In short, no matter what condition you are suffering and what location you are at, you will find us your companion.

Our Other Services

Besides vehicle towing, we offer vehicle storage facility, scrap removal, and vehicle body service. If you are stuck with vehicle repairing issue and there is no facility available due to vacation. Do not worry about your vehicle. We will bring you the convenience of our place. We can store your place if there is not any possible solution at the current time. After the holidays, we will shift the vehicle to a mechanic. You can get your vehicle from there or if you are busy, we will tow the car to your desire place i.e. home or office. If you are fed up using a similar car, over the years and you want to get rid of it. Contact us; we will bless you with usable solutions with minimal loss and maximum profit.