Tucson anti-graffiti film

tucson anti-graffiti film

Acts of vandalism like scratching, acid etching, and tagging etc. can deface surfaces including walls, windows, and graphics. Vandals use mechanical devices like etching tools, paints, acid and graffiti to deface surfaces. It can cost thousands of dollars for building owners to fix the damage. Nevertheless, this is a growing problem across the nation. Not only vandals, but even your pet can also damage walls and surfaces. They can jump and scratch surfaces with their paw. Why take a risk with the aesthetic value of your home. You can go for Tucson anti-graffiti film on all the surfaces that matter. Tucson anti graffiti film could be a worthy solution.

You can stick such films on walls, windows and other surfaces that are prone to acts of vandalism. Anti-Graffiti films don’t allow vandals to leave any mark. It also reduces the cost of removing graffiti made by vandals. These are specially designed films which are invisible but offer a removable surface. It can eliminate or at least reduce the need for replacing window panes which are a costly proposition. Installing anti-graffiti films is much cheaper compared to replacing window glasses. If and when vandals deface windows or walls with tags or graffiti, you can easily remove them along with the anti-graffiti films thereby revealing the unblemished glass surface. Cover the glass surfaces with anti-graffiti films once again and continue to protect the beauty of your home. It can offer protection to almost every kind of surface in almost every location.

How Do Anti-Graffiti Films Work

A Tucson anti-graffiti film puts a coating on the glass or another surface that you need to protect. They just fit onto the window panes. Any attempt to damage or inadvertent damage to the surface can be undone since it can damage only the film and not the underlying surface. The damage would actually not affect the glass at all. These films are just 175 microns thick which means that they offer a protective layer of about 7mm. These films have special glue which is different from that available with window tints. The glue sticks the film to the surface. Though these adhesives are strong, you can easily pull off the films easily. When it comes off it does not leave any mark on the glass surface. This is why if the film develops scratches you can easily pull them off and replace with another. These films are a whole lot cheaper than window glasses. This means that replacing one film with another will cost peanuts to you.


These films are optically clear. This means that you don’t even notice them even if you stick them all over your windows. It does not prevent natural light and it does not change color in light too. So you can rest assured that there will be no dearth of natural light in your home. You don’t even need to buy separate glue for it. They come with glues; you just need to remove the backing liner and stick them to the window.

Where You Can See Them

Apart from homes, you can find them on windows in shops, trains, bus shelters, buses etc. In essence, a Tucson anti-graffiti film can protect almost every surface that is prone to vandalism