Why girls use TikTok more than Boys

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Tiktok is a popular mobile app, free to use on iPhone as well as android phones. This app is being used, worldwide, by approximately 655 million people. It was launched in September 2016 and was pushed to fame in 2017 and its ranking on the charts went on 4th number. Crazy number of people are downloading this app every day.

For introduction, it’s a social media application in which you can make lip-syn and dance videos to share with other people. You can also edit your video with different effects (speed up or slowing down effect, enhancing or brightening) to make videos more attractive for the viewers.

Tiktok has been widely used by different age groups ranging from 10 to 20 and even older than that. Tiktok has crossed many social media apps in this race too. It has a huge influence on kids today especially girls. It has been seen that tiktok is used more by girls than boys. This is because of certain reasons that we are to bring forward in this article.

  1. Tiktok influencers – mostly girls

Like every other social medium, tiktok also contains some influencers who make the application look attractive to other people. These influencers are called the celebrities of that app. If you want to be a celebrity, you can also Buy Tiktok Fans. These celebrities with their influence bring more and more people to the app. In case of tiktok, these influencers are mostly female teenagers. Even in the case of male influencers, girls get more attracted. This app was designed to target the teenagers. And having the influencers which include celebrities with attractive lives and talent for tiktok, can help gain more followers and in those followers it’s the girls who get more inclined towards an app like this.

  1. Social acceptance

Tiktok started in 2016 and gained a lot of popularity in 2017. This was when hundreds and thousands of people started downloading this app. With this number of people barging towards the tiktok door, there was a sense of competition among the teenagers. Especially for girls and it became more important to them to fit in the tiktok community. This is because of the psychological fact that females crave more for attention than men. for the teenage girls, it was important to have social acceptance by their peers as well as the tiktok community. It is very important for them to be able to make their place.

  1. Stereotyping – Boys should not do girly things.

It has always been the biggest dilemma of our society to stereotype the roles of girls and boys. in case of this app, it has been called a girly app because of which most of the “manly” boys should never join it. Which is the reason a lot of boys don’t join the app. And because girls have also been stereotyped to like this app more because they must put up with their image in their peer group and make sure they fit in.

Girls charts might have been a little higher than boys in tiktok nonetheless the extra use of any social media application can become a problem. It is very important to note that abundant use of tiktok is becoming toxic for teenage community and this needs to be looked upon by elders.